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Tuesday, May 22, 2018  
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At Dundurn Laser & Esthetics we use only the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art equipment that has proven to produce dramatic results for permanent hair removal.

Introducing Light Sheer EC, the gold standard in permanent hair reduction to safely and effectively treat unwanted hair for most skin types.

Read more below about Laser Hair Removal for MEN and WOMEN. Or give us a call at 905-540-1912 for more information


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Thousands of men have come to Dundurn Laser for hair removal treatment to both permanently remove and thin hair from almost any part of the body. Consider Laser Hair Removal for...


Skip shaving for the weekend and still look well-groomed. Beard Sculpting by Laser Hair Removal cleans the neck line, the cheek line and removes stray hairs that can wander right up to the eye line.

Which means that you can go without shaving for days on end with only a light and clean beard growth to show for it.

You know how you see men in the summer with their necks so badly broken out, acne caused by excessive heat and perspiration. Summer shaving can be very uncomfortable. By sculpting your beard you can create a look that is neat and trim so that you can go days without shaving.


By thinning the hair under a man's arms, perspiration is less uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. Often men can benefit from a reduction in volume of hair on areas such as legs and underarms. The result retains masculinity by just diminishing the volume for comfort and looks.


The most common area for men to be treated for hair removal is the back. Hair growth can go from the top of the shoulders to the small of the back area. Permanent hair removal of back hair can create a more appealing look and can make clothing more comfortable.


Men can choose to thin chest hair or have it permanently removed for a sleek youthful look.


By permanent removal of unwanted face and body hair, women can save a considerable amount of time and expense. And wake up every day without dealing with annoying leg, underarm stubble or more.

Dundurn Laser & Esthetics_Hamilton_OntarioThe only areas of the body that cannot be treated with laser are the eyebrows, inside the nose and inside the ear. So this means that virtually any area of your body that you are unhappy with the hair growth can be hair free, including:

upper lip
bikini - all areas including buttocks

Only permanent hair removal will solve the problem of annoying and unwanted hair stubble and increased hair growth due to the stimulation of shaving.

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